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Burner Family Reunion in Nevada

Welcome Home

My burner family..where do I start?

Family Dinner, with all the fixin’s

They are simply the best. They are my chosen family. I would say they are my adoptive family, but they adopted me, not I them. I can show them sides of myself I have to keep shamefully tucked away around my immediate relatives.

Since I’m currently in San Francisco, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the 5 hour drive to visit them in Carson City, Nevada. Originally, I was going to take the Greyhound there but my friend Brian was heading there from the city too, he was nice enough to spare me that.

It turned out to be quite the adventure!

Off highway 50

We followed the highway to Lake Tahoe, it was beautiful! It was my first time visiting the lake, but it was long overdue. Peaceful, clear, and serene.

Once arriving at camp mom and dad’s house, we gathered to have a thanksgiving style dinner with all the good stuff – rolls, cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey. Good conversation, great food, and exceptional company, it was a wonderful evening – I was ‘burnin’.

Speaking of ‘burnin’, the next day my camp sis and I went out for a walk along a path leading from the back yard. We came to an intersection and (you know where this is going), decided we’d just ‘keep going around the golf course’. After quite some time, we realized that the path didn’t go around the course but rather off in another direction. We had to turn back and then take the correct turn. Our impromptu walk ended up being over 4 miles long!  Thinking it was going to be a quick 30 minute walk, my skin wasn’t prepared. Also, I keep forgetting how close to the sun we are out in the desert!

Looks worse than it is

Returning from the walk, we packed up and headed to the local Burning Man Town Hall and pre-compression events. We had packed up a picnic style lunch in a cooler that we kept in the RV we drove, using it as a home base between events. Hanging out with the family was wonderful – and the burners as a whole are so kind and open. We drank, we bonded, we laughed and we rocked out to The Bloodhound Gang’s “we aint nothing but animals”.


The next day we went back in time to the Wild West straight from the Gold Rush days. Welcome to Virginia City.

It kind of made me feel like I was playing Fallout (I would love to be playing Fallout right now). The rolling brown hills of the desert, the classic big band music, and the costumed little townspeople.

We had old fashioned root beer candy and the best bloody mary’s from the Bucket of Blood. Managing to steal the best seat in the house, we had our liquid lunches and enjoyed the view while telling funny stories.

We wrapped up the tour of Virginia City by looking at the suicide table and silver dollar lady. I laughed at the thought of everyone scrambling for them if the building were to burn down.

We parted ways with one of my camp aunts who has been one of my most avid blog supporters. I won’t say it wasn’t sad, but it’s only until we’re in the dust again in a few months!

On the way home, we got the full tour of Carson City (FYI: the capital of Nevada) including the Governor’s Mansion and wild street deer! I totally fan-girled out for a picture. Hey, I live in a city, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a deer!


The evening was a quiet night of everyone resting and getting their digital fix – the perfect relaxing end to a fun filled weekend. Camp dad even helped me become the proud owner of (more on that soon)!

Returning to San Francisco via greyhound, I am so happy I got the chance to see everyone. The warmth, support, and radical acceptance will keep me going for a long time. Until the next Fugfest.


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  • Reply

    Rita :)

    April 20, 2016

    Zoom!! I love reading about your adventures! Have an amazing time in your travels! I’ll look forward to reading more about them and seeing you on the playa! Yayyyyyy!!!!! 🙂

  • Reply

    Cathy Childs

    April 20, 2016

    Till we see you again! Safe travels playa daughter. Love you till the moon and back!

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