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5 ways being fat helps me travel! 

Yep, I’m writing a post about this. I’ve got some curves and I’m owning it!

Some people (myself included) question my physical ability to do a trip like this. For example, in San Francisco, the hills and 4 flights of stairs to my apartment kicked my ass. But I did it, I showed them who was boss.

Yeah it’s a picture of a picture.

Whenever you look at pictures of people traveling, they’re always super thin, athletic, fit people – I am not those people. I am me, and me is out of shape and loves food! Despite that, my body is proving to be a great tool for me on this trip and I’d say that my curvy figure is even helping me!

How being “fat” is helping me in my travels:

1. I’m less likely to be kidnapped…I think…

I’ve always struggled with my weight. Let me rephrase that, I have always been above the ‘average’ weight and BMI of most Americans. When I was younger and chubby, my mom gave me a good tip: “If someone tries to kidnap you, just go limp”. When you struggle you’re still standing and it can be easier to move you. If I were to just dead-fish it..could you lift 230lbs? No, I think not. Good tip, Mom!

2. I get to represent curvy chicks (and dreads as a bonus).

Yeah, that fat chick just climbed those stairs. Yeah, that fat chick is going to one of the hottest places in the world. Yeah, that fat chick is ROCKIN’ her dreams. Suuuuck iiiit!

3. Keeping me warm and energized – lots of stored calories to burn over here!

Okay so the “warm” is counting against me on this particular trip LOL! However, if the plane goes down or if we get stranded, I’m going outlast all you bitches because my body is going to eat my [sweet] rolls! See what I did there? I’m also not one of those skinny chicks whose like “I’m so cold!” all the time. I don’t need the jacket of a man, I’ve got my own layers!

Also, body fat is all those extra calories that weren’t used. Calories = energy. I can use these up like wildfire when I’m out an about. I think I’ve sweat off 4 lbs already.

4. Everything is a workout. My higher starting point also makes it easier to lose weight.

This is an oldie but goodie. If I walk up 50 stairs with someone who weights half of what I do, I’ll burn more calories. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost 10 lbs already on this trip with the walking and the sweating!

5. I’m more immune to things! 

Not only because I love food and try all kinds (this helps with various tolerances), but I also have layers of fat covering my organs which makes them less susceptible to being penetrated by germs or bullets. Hey, science says so.

BONUS: I can ask for more food / dessert…because everyone expects it.

Yeah maybe it is shitty that they’re like “of courrrrrse the fat chick wants dessert” but you know what, I do. I’m going to use your expectations against you – BRING ME ALL YOUR CAKE. This is how I get away with ordering three storied waffle towers at Cat Cafes.

Sometimes I think No Face is my spirit animal..that’s why I have him as a tattoo!

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