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My first Cat Cafe: Cat n a Cup

My first cat cafe Cat in a Cup

Cat n a Cup, one cool cat cafe.

As is my way, I spent one of the first days in Chiang Rai, Thailand exploring my surroundings and getting a little lost.

Walking down the alley near my hostel, I spotted a beautiful clock tower that was so shiny it drew me in like an insect to a bug light.

Clock tower Chiang Rai Thailand
Clock tower Chaing Rai Thailand

So mesmerized by the tower, I almost didn’t realize that I was standing right next to a shop window that was filled with beady little cat eyes.

Slightly startled at the sight of seeing cats indoors I classily shoved my face against the window and looked inside.


The shop was filled with cats and was rocking a whole cat motif. Forget a stupid clock tower, I think I just discovered a cat cafe!!

Walking into Cat n a Cup, I placed my shoes on the shoe rack (as is customary of almost any venue in Thailand, including restaurants) and entered barefoot through the little gate meant to discourage cats from going near the front doors.

All around me were cats, cats, CATS! Well groomed and healthy looking cats to boot! Such a refreshing change from the herds of stray cats I’ve seen so far throughout the country.

Desire overtook me, and I zoomed for the nearest fluffy victim sleeping in a cat tree.

So soft and sweet, this little leopard cat let me love on him until I came out of my manic Yahtzee-missing-haze. Tuning back into the cafe part, I decided this was a place I wanted to spend some time hanging out at.

The cafe part of the cat cafe.
And duuuude have I hung out there. Luckily Cat n a Cup is close to my hostel so I get to go there every morning for breakfast and snuggles while I work on my blog.

I knew I needed to support this awesome cat cafe with their amazing tea and waffle creations. I had to use the bathroom after one of these and there was a fat cat with a bow tie sleeping behind the toilet.

Bill Nye would have been proud of that tie.

On day three I worked up the courage to ask an employee if I could interview someone there for my blog post. Not before a pep talk though:

Using Google Translate, I was able to do my first blog interview! I would speak in English, it would say it aloud to her in Thai, she would respond in Thai and it would talk to me in English. Thank you technology!

Now, if someone could get on that whole transporter thing, I could visit cat in a cup everyday, even after I leave Chiang Rai….*cough cough* AHEM.

When did Cat n a Cup open?

We opened in October of 2015, almost a year ago.

Where do the cats live when the shop is closed?

Above the cafe there is a second floor where the cats live. We put them up there at night and clean it daily.

How many cats are here?

We have 21 cats.
That more than the current 14 owned by my parents!

Are they available for adoption?

They aren’t available for adoption, but everyone is welcome to play with them in the shop.

Author’s note: I have to admit this surprised me. The cat cafe opening in Chicago, and others through the US, seem to be geared toward getting the cats adopted. Interesting that that is not the case here.

Where do the cats come from?

All of the cats used to be strays in Bangkok. These guys were friendly enough to get themselves caught. I’m sure it was scary at the time, but best day of their lives in retrospect, huh?

I love all my kitty friends equally, but this little cross eyed Siamese is one of my favorites!

The employees were so open to the interview and even let me take their picture (consent consent consent!).

You can tell they care about the cats – they protect them from stupid children, make sure they have plenty of food and water, and check the front area near the door often to remove any cats that are missing their wild lifestyle.

The cat cafe rules are clearly posted and strictly enforced: I will personally slap anyone I see mistreating any of the cats.

Kidding. Not kidding.

I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my week drinking tea, eating waffles and getting kitty snuggles.

I know there is milk in there…

Especially from my BFF cat friend who greets me every time I walk in. His name is Pui (Thai for “furball”). I let him play with my headphones.

Pui and I having a hard day at work.

When – I mean if – I finally settle down, I think I’d like to open a cat cafe. Growing up with cats consistently numbering in the double digits (I think we were close to 30 at one point..Mom can you confirm?), and my experience working at Jacks Cat Cafe in Vietnam, should set me up for success.

This little guy wants to come with me and help me get started.

Unfortunately he can’t, but he’ll be just fine at Cat n a Cup. If you would like to learn more about them via social media you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Cat ‘n’ a cup’s Facebook page. Fun to see it in Thai too.

Cat ‘n’ a cup’s Instagram feed, which they are very active on. It was via Instagram I learned my kitty friend’s name was Pui.

Glamour Cats love shelves at cat in a cup cat cafe
Cats love shelves

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful little city of Chiang Rai, Cat ‘n’ a Cup is open from 8 am till 9 pm and offers free wifi. Based on my experience it might not be the most productive working space, but hey, KITTY CUDDLES!

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Can never have enough adorbs in my life.

xoxo <3


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    May 6, 2016

    This looks amazing! C’mon America, get it together, we need cat cafes!

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      May 9, 2016

      RIGHT?! Seriously, I’d love open one…we’ve always had a ton of cats and I like to cook…seems like a good fit 😉

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    May 19, 2016

    This looks like great fun! The pearl necklace collars <3 I keep telling Jon that our long-term home MUST be a farmhouse so that my cat quantities aren't limited. I feel like 3 is our max right now, but in a farmhouse? Possibilities are endless…. 😉

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