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The Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars in Laos. Where did the jars come from?

The Plain of Jars.

Saying the internet in Laos is slow is an understatement.

I’m sure many of you have seen this jewel by Matthew Inman over at He and Allie Brosh really need to have a baby or two so it can grow up to break the internet.

This is my life right now.

no internet.png


Not that I’m traveling half way across the world to surf the internet mind you, but it is one of those things that I’ve come to be spoiled with. I’m also trying to get this blog a rockin’ and a rollin’ all night long, and I need to be able to push out some content to do so! So, sorry for the delay. Also, I’ll probably (definitely) miss this Saturday’s Self Love Saturday post.

At any rate, beyond the internet situation, I’m ready to get out of Laos. I’ll be flying to Hanoi, Vietnam on June 1st – almost here!

  • Laos is pretty expensive, compared to Thailand and the other countries it’s surrounded by.
  • The internet sucks.
  • The people aren’t as friendly as Thailand.
  • While beautiful, its hard to traverse! Mostly commuting by bus, the roads wind around the mountains… the bus rocking back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth – and not in a good “oh this could be a hammock” kind of way! I spent 6 hours on a bus yesterday puking, and I wasn’t even hung over!

At this point in the trip, after spending a day puking, I broke down and got my own hotel room. At $10/night this is still super cheap by American standards, but quite a splurge for me. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The room is super clean, I have my own bathroom that doesn’t smell like shit and a TV with lots of hilarious Asian cartoons.

Spending a night in my own room was very energizing. Waking up with a fresh start, I headed out to the Plain of Jars. I opted not to take the 400,000 kip tour ($35 USD), but rather rent a scooter and do my own tour for 100,000 kip ($12).

The whole reason I come to this city was to see the Plain of Jars and it was totally worth the motion sickness. The jars were amazing – giant, mysterious, and beautiful.

I previously mentioned in the video that I declined the offer to visit the jars with my hotel group. Awkward moment – when I left site 1, he was parked there with his tour group! He looked at me and said “oh, you’re here”. I just smiled and nodded. One of the tour attendees saw me getting on my bike and excitedly asked “You rented that here? How much was it?” Being stared down by the hotel owner, I told him it was only 100,000 Kip.

I hope they aren’t back at the hotel throwing my stuff out the window as I write this!

My pink steed for the day – “Lucky”. Everyone loved that she matched my hair and pink sunglasses!

At the same national park as the Plain of Jars, there was also a cool cave I stumbled across. Kind of spooky, but interesting all the same. Caves here often seemed to be used for religious purposes since they all seemed to be stuffed with shrines, buddhas and incense.

Zipping around on my scooter, I drove past several other beautiful parts of the city. I’ve been told that it is low season right now so there isn’t much to do as far as touristy things. That’s A-OKAY with me!


After a full day of riding, exploring, hiking and almost hitting a cow sleeping in the middle of the road, I’m ready to get some overly-dry pizza and watch some cartoons I can’t understand.

Can you dream up any conspiracy theories about where these jars came from? I’m putting my money on Aliens, obviously.

Captain Out,

xoxo <3

The Plain of Jars in Laos. Where did the jars come from?

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