Spring Break Reset

This weekend marks the end of my spring break. To any student, that sounds like a sad time – but not for me, not this time. In fact, I’m in the mood to celebrate weekends and all the freedom and joy they bring!

I haven’t felt this way about weekends in a long time – two years to be exact. Until now, weekends meant working at the pizza place, doing my homework, catching up on chores that have been piling up, and other would-rather-be-doing-something-else-type of responsibilities. But hey, sometimes that’s life! I didn’t resent weekends, I just haven’t felt excited for them since I left Chicago – they were just another day for me.

The End Of An Era

March 1st marked the end of a season of my life – my casual college student era. I worked my last shift at the pizza place. Even though I’m excited to move on, the Pizza Dive was a big part of my life for the last few years and there is a definite lacking where it used to fill my time. My boss (and my apparent customer fan club) gave me the sweetest send off on Facebook.

March 1st also rang out the final homestretch of getting my associates degree. Only 8 weeks left and I’ll have finished something I never thought I’d be able to. Catching my breath over spring break, I’ve had a moment to process exactly where I am and how I’d like to proceed forward.

A New Direction

This semester I’ve been teaching at my local college. Note that I say ‘teaching’ loosely. In the strictest definition, I am teaching; but, I feel that calling myself a teacher is disrespectful to the ‘real’ teachers. The teachers who’ve worked so hard to get a degree in education and who, day-after-day, struggle with the pressure of shaping our youth into the next generation.

I, on the other hand, am college-age adults how to be a successful student, citizen, and self-advocate. This modality – called ‘supplemental instruction’ – seems like small peanuts next to that.

Small peanuts or not, I’ve been loving my time as an educator . In fact, dare I say, *begins to whisper* I think this role is going to bubble into something amazing over the next five years.

You might, right now, be reading the blog of the future Director of Supplemental Instruction at Sinclair College. In the upcoming fall semester, I’ll be working closely with faculty to expand the supplemental instruction program from the business department into the computer science department. We’re going to launch at Sinclair’s brand new, shiny campus.

Knowing the road that lay ahead, I’ve decided to invest all my eggs into this basket with the hope they will hatch into something wonderful. Spring break marked the kick off this new investment. This week, lesson plans were made, meetings were had, teaching aids reviewed – I’m actually excited for school to start again so I can jump in full force! But before that…

Celebrate these times, come on!

(^ that was a music reference for you youngies)

I had to celebrate – and I had to do it with the people and places I love. I spent the opening weekend of spring break in Chicago with my BFF who was also celebrating a big accomplishment; her art was accepted and to be displayed in an exhibit! Coordinating with her husband, I surprised her the day before opening night – guys, there were tears! The next two days were a whirlwind weekend of reunion, construction, snow, and sushi.

I admit, coming home from Chicago is always hard. I usually cry. This time though, I had something to look forward to about coming back. My brother and I, who don’t often get much time together, planned to drive down to Lexington, KY to visit a reputable all-you-can-eat sushi place called Happy Sushi (you know, since I didn’t have enough in Chicago). It was a bit of a trek, but man it was worth it! The time together was good, the sushi was great – and it energized me to have visited 4 states in two days!

Unwilling to give up my spring break gusto, my sister and I also made a trip up to Lima to eat at KewPee Hambugers – somewhere I hadn’t been to, or even thought of, in at least 10+ years. Popping into my head, I couldn’t resist another adventure – I have a whole weekend ahead of me before I put my wings away.

The End Grows Near

Two more days then its back to homework and 7:30 AM alarms. Even with the looming feeling of Monday around the corner, I’ve planned to make the most of my time before that. And, honestly, for the first time I’m not dreading the return from a break – I feel surprisingly peaceful. That’s saying something, and I think it says: I’m finally on the right track.

How do you relax & recharge when you get a break? Tell me in the comments – I could use the pro tips!

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