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Bento and the Bullet Train

I finally had my first ride on Shinkansen – better known as the “Bullet Train”.

Japan's Bullet Train


Why is it called a Bullet Train?

Because it’s faster than a speeding bullet, of course! 

Okay not really. A bullet fired from a gun travels around 1,700 MPH. The bullet trains that run across Japan can reach speeds of up to 374 MPH – considerably slower than a bullet. Still running at respectable speeds, Japan’s bullet train currently holds the record for fastest train in the world.
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The perfect first day in Japan. 

A perfect day in Japan, making Tokyo my playground.

Today was my first day in Japan. I was out exploring Tokyo, and boy was it an adventure!

The hostel that I’m staying at is simply luxurious. It’s like a hotel. Amenities include: 8 floors, a terrace, a kitchen, blackout curtains for every bed, great wifi (I’m writing this in bed) and:

Free Breakfast!

That’s right, free breakfast. Pro tip: If  you’re traveling for an extended period of time, try to book your accommodation somewhere that offers free breakfast. This saves you from having to go and hunt for food like our ancestors in the morning.

Okay, not exactly like that, but you know what I mean. No one wants to wake up hungry and then have to go find an acceptable place to eat. Get the free breakfast, eat as late as possible (read: free brunch) and you’ve just saved yourself some buckaroonies!

I opt for the bowl of cereal, as much OJ as I can handle, and 4 slices of toast with jam plan. I eat later in the day, having an early dinner, which means paying for only one meal and a pre-bedtime snack.

Akihabara – Nerd City!

First let me say that Tokyo has like 13 different train lines and it’s confusing as hell. I’m sure I’ll get it down eventually, but I am quickly learning Japanese trial-by-fire-style so that I can actually get to where I need to go – Ikou! (let’s go)

That being said, the 1,000+ hours I’ve spent watching Naruto is actually helping me out here!

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