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How you can plan an adventure, RIGHT NOW in 5 steps

Adventure isn’t just for other countries and far away lands.

So many people tell me “I wish I could travel, I wish I could do what you’re doing”. I admit that I’m lucky to have the means and ability to be where I am right now. But guys, travel isn’t just quitting your job, going to other countries or bathing elephants. It sounds so cool when you say it like that, but adventure can be done in many doses. In my opinion, adventure is about attitude.

When I get home, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll put on the blog – because I do want to keep blogging. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep adventures going. I’ll continue to travel on weekends, days off and whenever I can. I’ll keep doing adventures and sharing them with you.

Before I get home though, I want to show you how easy it is go to get some adventure in your life. So, let’s get you suited up!
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Zoom’s guide to working online.

make money online

How do I work online, making money, while I’m on the road?

I’ve told you a little bit about my routine while I’m traveling, which involves a lot of time working online. I’ll be upfront with you guys: it’s a lot of work. I invest a lot of time for not much monetary return.

That being said, the freedom to get away from an office, do the type of work I want, pick projects that will build my portfolio, and to be traveling through our magical world…getting paid in those experiences makes it worth it for me.

Also, it feels good to stay at a hotel knowing I earned enough that day to pay for the room 😉

Cut to the chase: how am I making money online, and how much? Here we go!

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Use intentions to maximize your life!

What exactly are intentions and why are they worth talking about?

Heading to Burning Man on the #Cobrabus this summer, we stopped before the burn and did an activity called an intention circle. This was the first time I’d done one, but I’d heard of them. Essentially, everyone gets in a circle and takes turns sharing what they hope to get out of a particular experience. Until this point, I hadn’t consciously thought of what I wanted to gain from the awesome opportunity of attending Burning Man. I wanted to have fun, hang out with my friends etc.; but on a deeper level, what specifically did I want out of it? It really made me think.

Loading the #Cobrabus with a pallet (100+ lbs) of water

Doing an intention circle empowered me to take more control over my experience. To work toward goals, to be mindful, and to get the most of out the burn. For this trip, I’ve been thinking about my intentions so that I make the most of this once in a lifetime chance.

This is also something that I would encourage you to do at home! It can be something big – like Burning Man, but it doesn’t have to be that serious. I do intentions for small things too, like when I go out for the day. “I’m open to new experiences and I’d like to meet new people”. Voila! It’s as easy as that guys, and you’ll be amazed at how differently things start going for you. 🙂

My intentions:

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My 5 rules of the road.

My 5 rules of the road to make the most of my travels!

Even if we don’t think of them this way, we all have rules. They could also be called codes, ethics or guidelines. I’ve got 5 rules of the road to make the most of my travels!

Aside from my basic principles (aka don’t be a dick), I’ve developed a few new ones that are specifically for hitting the road for 5 months in Asia!

1. Everything is going to be okay!

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