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KitchenAid factory tour & Amish candy.

While I do love solo travel, sometimes it’s best to take the family out for adventure too!


In this case, my family took me out to the KitchenAid Factory here in Greenville, Ohio.

I’m coming clean – I’ve never been a fan of living in Ohio. I don’t feel that I fit in here. I’m the black sheep with hot pink dreadlocks. The liberal views, the hippi-ness of me, my love of the F-word…it’s just not what everyone around here is used to. I grew up here, and I’ve always struggled to find “my people”. More-so, I’ve struggled to find activities I enjoy doing while living in Ohio.

Not that I don’t love drag racing and tractor pulls! I even enjoy the occasional piglet race when the piggies are cute enough (have you ever watched baby pigs race?). I’m just more of a costume-contest/weird-food/hooka-smoking/obscure-board-game/diverse-friends type person inside these cowgirl boots.

When I made the decision to stay in Ohio after my return from Asia, I was scared. Would I be able to find worthy adventures to keep the blog going? I’d never liked living there before, why would I like it now?

As it turns out, I think it was a me problem. Ohio has a lot of cool things to do (once I do them all though, I’m screwed, its over)! I think it just took me being old enough to appreciate them as being fun. So far we’ve had a corn festival, comic and toy show, and today: A tour of the KitchenAid Factory. Tours are offered throughout the week at 12:30 – for free! Continue Reading

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Hara Arena’s last hurrah: the Dayton Comic & Toy show.

Hera Arena Dayton Ohio
Hara Arena: a pillar for memories of my childhood.

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Hara Arena initially opened as a ballroom in 1956. Expanding to become a multi-complex showroom, Hara has played host to a variety of amazing affordable events in its time. Famous bands like the Greatful Dead and Rolling Stones have performed at Hara. Year after year, the Dayton Hamvention called Hara as its home. Let’s also not forget gift shows, sporting events, or school plays that have used Hara as their canvas. Continue Reading

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How Burning Man broke my self-identity: part 2.

How Burning Man broke my self identity

We had arrived.

Continued from part 1.

Part 3 can be found here. 

I’d read about the dust, and with it billowing around us, there was no mistake. We had made it to the playa.

Pulling into the bus depot, we all rush off the bus – we’re here, we’re here! As the baggage gets unloaded, we’re herded into a small group where the virgins are asked to step forward. Knowing that’s me, I move to the front of the group. We’re given a hammer and told to hit a bell as hard as we can as part of our initiation ceremony.

Continue Reading

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The Sweet Corn Festival: Fairborn, Ohio

It’s festival time!

I’m getting settled back into the country lifestyle in my hometown near Dayton, Ohio.  Fairborn is a neighboring community that annually hosts a festival called the Sweet Corn Festival. Despite growing up less than 20 minutes from where this festival is held, I can’t recall ever attending.

My family isn’t one for crowds. We rarely attended festivals or large community events. We’re stay-in-and-play-cards people. When we did attend festivals during my childhood it was miserable for me, so I’ve never really gone as an adult. I suspect I was still having terrible flashbacks. Continue Reading

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How Burning Man broke my self-identity: part 1.

With Burning Man quickly approaching, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how my first trip to Burning man in 2014 broke my self-identity, rebuilding me into who I am today.

This story deserves to be told it its fully glory, so this will be a mini series. To make sure you don’t miss parts 2 & 3, subscribe via email using the menu on the left (below for mobile).  

*Jurrasic park voice* Welcome…. to part 1! 

If you’ve never heard of Burning Man, you were just like me.

I had just gotten my first ‘big-girl’ job working in downtown Chicago. As such, it was my first job with paid time off. I didn’t know what to do with myself! I’d been working there for a while and had saved up enough money to take a vacation. Where was I going to go? Continue Reading