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My Itinerary for 5 months in Southeast Asia.


It’s almost time to leave the USA for my first ever trip abroad!

Zoom’s route

It’s been a whirlwind of prep work, but the moment is finally here! Getting rid of all my stuff, deciding what I wanted to live on for the next 6 months, moving out of my apartment – it’s all lead to this, the biggest adventure of my life!

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Today we’d like to thank our supporters! Zoom’s friends and family from Ohio and Chicago. Burner friends and family networks. Blog subscribers and fellow travel enthusiasts! I’m so excited to have you along!

Note that this itinerary is just a flexible, inexperienced shot at a plan and is subject to change!

Of course I’ll keep you updated along the way! Click the links for more details on that particular adventure.

Here we go!


  • Arrive Bangkok, Thailand April 23rd, sometime around midnight
  • Tuk Tuk my way to my hostel:
    • New Road Guest House

Bangkok – Sunday 

Bangkok – Monday / Tuesday

  • Visit the floating markets
  • The The Grand Palace
  • Soi Cowboy – night
  • Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Chiang Mai – Arrive Wednesday April 27th – Depart May 2ndish

  • The erotic garden
  • The Night Bazaar
  • Bathe Baby Elephants, NO RIDING
  • Wat Phra Singh
  • Traditional Khantoke Dinner and Show
  • Misc sightseeing and shenanigans
  • Tattoo 

Chiang Rai

  • The White Castle (not food)

Chiang Saen – May 5th ish – June 5th ish

  • Teach english, 4 weeks

Laos – Arrive June 8thish-12th  


Vietnam – June 12th ish – July 20th ish



  • Two nights

Hoi An June 20-July 20

  • Volunteer at cat cafe
  • Visit tailor for a dress

Phan Thiet

Ho Chi Minh


Cambodia – August 5th ish – August 20thish

Phnom Penh


Koh Ta Kiev

  • Beautiful island


Siem Reap


Bangkok, Thailand August 24- 26th

  • Prepping for the trip home

San Francisco, California August 27th

  • Hostel / Stay with friends / Couchsurf
  • Get supplies for Burning Man

Black rock city, Nevada – August 29th – September 5th

  • Burning Man!
    • The man gets what’s coming to him!

Reno, Nevada – September 5th

  • One good ol’ night at The Sands

Chicago, Illinois – September 6th – September 12th

  • Stay with the VBs and chill
  • Sushi Para M
  • King Spa
  • Slideshow party

Dayton, Ohio – September 12th

  • Back to real life? Uhh…

I’m so excited to get going and to have you along with me! If there’s a better way to present this info that would make it easier to digest, I’m all ears! 
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