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Happy 4/20!

You didn’t think I was just going to let this slip by, did you?

My favorite holiday, even above my birthday…because this is more of a real holiday to me than my birthday.

So what is the significance of 4/20 and where does it come from? For those of you who don’t know, 420 is the universal number for marijuana.On April 20th every year, the stoners come out to celebrate the underground marijuana holiday.

I’m a terrible little stoner. I had no knowledge regarding the history behind the term “420” and had to Google it. Originally coined by a group of San Rafael High School friends known as the “Waldos” (because they liked to hang out leaning against the walls of the school…hardy har) in 1971.

In 2009 they were contacted by the Huffington Post for an interview, and noted that they didn’t expect “420” to catch on when they were using it around school. 420 always referred to smoking during class, after school, asking each other if they were high or just referring to marijuana in general. Pretty much the same as it means today!

Marijuana can be a hot topic for some people. There’s a lot of controversy about the potential medicinal properties of consuming THC (the active ingredient in cannabis). I’m not here to try and get you to come to one side of the fence or another, but rather to take a moment on this glorious day to celebrate my very special relationship with Mary Jane/ the reefer / chronic / dank / nug / the wacky tobbacy.

I was first introduced to marijuana by a coworker while living in Columbus, Ohio. I was about 19-20. It was a HILARIOUS night. The sensation made me happy, energetic, freaaaakkin hungry, and yet mellow. It was a fun, one time thing but I knew I’d be open to doing it again in the future.

Around 22-23 I met someone who sold marijuana and I started smoking regularly. For the first year or two of my marijuana use, I admit, I just enjoyed getting high. I didn’t feel addicted or dependent on it, but did it often because I enjoyed doing it. Duh.

During this period, smoking weed helped me work through a lot of personal issues I’d been unable to fully process. I’d sit for hours and internalize. It helped me become more empathetic and understanding of others people’s situations, while becoming more self-aware and empowered in my own. I was able to slow down and process things more thoroughly.

Advertisement at a bus stop.

As I got older, my anxiety kicked up, the stress levels skyrocketed, and my brain jumped into hyperdrive. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – when your brain just won’t shut up. It distracts me and keeps me up for hours at night.

I found that during this time, smoking weed really helped with that- which is where our relationship stands for it’s continued use for me today. Over the years I’ve learned how to harness other benefits too.

For example – it reallllly helps with menstrual cramps. Headaches. Neck pain. Grinding my teeth. Biting my nails. Chewing on my thumb until it bleeds. Laughter. Creativity. Getting a different perspective on issues I might be struggling with, and more.

“How are you going to survive in Asia?”

I’ve been asked this a lot lol! Since marijuana isn’t an addictive substance, I’m not worried about any physical issues other than maybe not being able to fall asleep as quickly. That’s something I’ll just have to make extra time for. For temporary pain issues, I’d normally use cannabis (as per Dr. Oz) but I’ll just have to take some over the counter pain killers. Laughter, creativity, anxiety, struggles…I’m hoping the travel will help me with that. I’m glad you’ll be with me – we can find out together!

For now though – I’ve been very much enjoying the marijuana culture here in San Francisco! The city is not only supportive, but enthusiastic, about their deepest love for Ms. Mary Jane.

Located on “Hippie Hill“, the city put on the coolest festival I could imagine going to. Hundreds of people sitting around freely enjoying cannabis.

hippie hill in san francisco

I welcomed by several different groups of people, it was a blast. I sort of felt like I was back at Burning Man – there was even someone walking around yelling out compliments. <3 Full of great vibes, the atmosphere was smokey with camaraderie and wafts of delicious food.

free edible guys

I thought maybe I’d died and gone to heaven…or maybe that’s something else. Either way, I commend you San Francisco on your Cannabis Pride! Even the police walking around the grounds played it cool. Let’s keep up the good work!

Mary Jane, we’ll be taking a break for a few months while I travel, but you bet your sweet kushy buds that I’ll be back for you!

For now though, I’m going to get pizza. What’s your favorite munchie food? Sober or not.

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xoxo <3


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