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Product Review: The Rose Cup

While composing my packing list for the trip, I wondered how I was going to deal with being on my period while abroad. I assume other countries use tampons too but man that just sounds like so much of a hassle.

Burning Man is a leave no trace event. That means that you take all of your trash out with you – even your tampons. Sorry, I know it’s gross but we’re all adults here, right? Women’s bodies are awesome machines with vaginas being an amazing self-cleaning anatomical feat. I wanted to take as best care of mine as I could while not dealing with having to find a bathroom, buying tampons, and dealing with all the complications that come with them. As my sister would say “suuuuch an ordeal“! It really would be.

Rose Cup by intimate rose product review

I began looking into alternative options. Several friends of mine had previously recommended the famed Diva Cup. I hadn’t taken the jump on this yet because I just wasn’t a fan of the whole menstrual cup idea.

What if I didn’t put it in right? Could it ‘tip over’? Could it overflow? Ladies, you know it feels like we’re bleeding 18 gallons! How would I even get it out?

It wasn’t worth $40 and going to a Whole Foods to buy one.

As my trip got closer, I decided I wanted to try an alternative solution to tampons and pads and that this was the perfect excuse to take the jump. While surfing Amazon, I came across the Rose Cup. This had a lower price tag ($16.99), a nice little silk baggy for storage, and a bit longer of a ‘cord’ for removing the cup. A new company, I’m always down to support the underdog.


I purchased my cup and it came in the mail a few days later. Reading the instructions, I realized that I bought the wrong size! I didn’t even know there were sizes, but it turns out there are!

Small: for women under 30 / have not had children.

Large: for women over 30 or if you’ve had kids. Does that mean my vagina is getting fat on my 30th birthday? Good thing being fat is a plus, right? 😉

Intimate Rose actually emailed me to follow up a few days later asking me if I had any questions. I told them about my mistake and asked if there was anything we could do. In fact there was! They sent me a brand new cup in my size (small) for free! I was so impressed with their service and was hoping I would be equally as impressed by the product.

Now that I’m on the road, I’ve had the chance to try this out – and impressed I am! The cup is easy to insert, easy to get out and even has notches on it like a measuring cup to tell you how much was in it when you emptied it. This was very eye opening for me. Like I said, when you’re on your period it feels like you’re losing half your blood supply! In actuality, it’s not much at all! Feels good to know I’m not dying.

Aside from my Workaway membership, this is the best investment I have made. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Not only is my Rose Cup going to save me money, it’s a relief to know it’s saving me the hassle of making sure I always have supplies on hand. I’m also no longer at risk from being in a ‘too remote’ area where I couldn’t get supplies.

If you haven’t already jumped on the menstrual cup bandwagon, I recommend giving the Rose Cup a try! The instructions are easy to follow and the service excellent! Also, the little carrying case is a nice touch – especially for traveling!


Gentlemen, if you’ve made it this far: this would be a great gift for your lady. You like the vagina…take care of the vagina. My former boss had quit his job and traveled for 8 months with his wife and he recommended this to me on her behalf – she loves her cup.

If you’re thinking about trying the Rose Cup, I would really appreciate it if you’d click on the button below so I could get some credit for the sale 🙂 I’m trying to make my career as a blogger!

Hope you enjoyed the pilot episode of Product Reviews! If you have any questions about the Rose Cup, ask!

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    April 26, 2016

    I’m a Diva cup girl over here. I switched a few years ago because I was sick of dropping $20 on tampons every month. It took a month to get used to, but I’ll never go back. With how much time I spend outdoors away from a bathroom, I especially love it in the backcountry. Backpacking or trail running, I dump it out wherever I pee and nature takes care of the rest….no carting around an obvious dark-colored bag of used female products with me for the rest of the week!

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    April 30, 2016

    Your sister wouldn’t say ‘suuuuch an ordeal’ to this. She would say ‘ewwwwwwwww’.

    You know how I feel about things going up there.

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