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Living in Thailand: My Thai Life

my thai life

Living in Thailand is wonderful.

My lifestyle here is both the same and different as it was in the US. I still have to do things like laundry. I still have expenses and worry about money. I still walk a tonnnn like I did in Chicago.

The way I go about accomplishing these things is different, though. For example, I avoid eating hot meals from 12pm-4 pm; instead, I eat fruit or other cooling things. Without the typical 9-5 routine, I can make my own schedule that jives with the culture here.

While there are things that would be more consistent if I were a permanent resident (like grocery shopping), I’ve developed a nice routine that I find myself sticking to – and it might surprise you.

Clock stock photo

5 am: Wake up and start working on ZoomGoes.

I find that this is the best time to work on my blog. The city isn’t open yet, and the world feels sleepy and still. Also, my friends and family back home in the states are winding down their days, making it a perfect time to harass them on FaceTime and social media. Mwahahaha!!!

9 am: Breakfast & Exploration.

While it’s still cool (relative term here) I like to spend the morning doing some exploring. Either on foot or motorcycle.

Renting a motorcycle in Thailand.
Helmet, very important.

This is when I find awesome things like Cat Cafes and waterfalls.

2pm: Find shelter and try to make money.

Yeah, I know, I was just working on my blog. It’s not all fun in the sun over here, people. Unfortunately, my blog hasn’t taken off to the point to where I’m making any money (though hopefully we’ll get there someday soon!), so I need to find other income.

I spend the time working on the internet. If you’re interested in working online too, you can! Here’s my guide to how I made money on the road.

I make about $1-$10/day for a few hours of work. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I did make $65 before leaving for Asia doing tasks while getting baked and watching cartoons. Who says marijuana is a demotivator?

Here in Asia, however, those couple dollars could get me any of these things:

I take a lot of surveys, I’ve done cosplay writing, reviewed iOS applications, voiceover work, and other miscellaneous jobs. Again, it doesn’t pay much ($5/job), but the money goes a long way over here.

6 pm: Find dinner and explore some more.

It’s time to hunt for food! Dinner varies based on what’s available – Pad Thai, egg rolls, fresh crabs, hot pot, Udon-style dishes, and/or “international food” aka pizza or spaghetti. I generally try to stick to street food when it’s available since it’s cheaper than restaurants.

Since street carts are all owned by regular folks like you and me, most of them aren’t set up until after dark (around 6:30ish). The locals know what’s up and don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove in the scorching daytime sun! Or, they’ve already been working all day somewhere else – the Thai people are hardworking and not rich.

Sometimes if it’s storming or a holiday I end up eating at a restaurant.

9 pm: Return to home base and market my blog.

I work really hard on my blog, you guys. Like my grandpa used to say “If you love it, it’s not work.” Which is true…but it’s still effort and time I’m pouring in. As God as my witness, I will become a successful blogger!!

As God as my witness I will become a successful blogger!
As God as my witness, I WILL become a successful blogger!

That good ol’ time zone difference rules once again. Around this time my darlings back in the states are getting their day started. This is the perfect time for me to bomb their social media with tales of bathing baby elephants, delicious food I made myself in cooking class, and endless scrolling of adorable cat cafe pictures.

11 pm: Try to shut my brain up and go to bed.

My brain swirls with marketing strategies, bills, and bullshit I’m still dealing with from my old life (ha! listen to me lol), and things I want to do in the future. My mind takes a few hours of cartoons and Star Trek to lull it into sleep. If I spend the day in the sun, this is a little easier, but the voice in the back of your head always rules.

5am….rinse and repeat.

I didn’t die and another day begins.

Is this what you expected from this post? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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