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Product Review: Thigh-Saving Bandelettes

bandalettes on sofa

Product Review Episode 2: Help me Bandelettes, you’re my thighs’ only hope!

Episode One: The Rose Cup

Pair of black bandalettes
Pair of black bandelettes

I’ve told you about how being fat is helping me travel. While I’m still loving all those benefits, there are times where my thighs are rubbing and it just KILLLLS. Not a benefit, no sirry. Introducing: Bandelettes.

I’ve spent the last forever-years of my life wearing shorts under my dresses and skirts. When shopping for shorts, I always have to make sure to buy the “burmuda style” ones so that they’re long enough to protect my soft, wee, pale, and ladylike thighs.

Now, if you didn’t already know, I’m not a fashionista by any means. Like…annnnnny means. I usually dress for comfort and practicality – I express myself with my dreads. That being said, having to build my wardrobe around protecting my thighs is not very comfortable, or practical, at all.

Duh, duh duh duuuhhhh! Introducing the Bandelettes.

Goodbye Thigh Chafing Hello Bandelettes!

Recommended to me by my best friend (you should know her by now), I have been singing praises for Bandelettes ever since I wore my first pair. The purchase was driven by a trip to Burning Man where I like to be naked – wearing a pair of biking tension shorts would have cramped that whole look for me!

Scary anti chafing contraption
Shorts are better than this scary looking thing though!

I’ve tried tons of alternative ways to protect my thighs from chafing – deodorant, Lanacane (not to be confused with the Archer character), baby powder, tights – you name it. None have worked, forcing me to physically wear a whole other layer under my clothes just for that reason. In hot places, like Burning Man and Asia, this sucks – I need less clothing, not more!

I purchased both a red pair and a black pair of Bandelettes. Just like bras, it’s always good to have one to wear while the other is in the wash. At their low price of around $15/pair, they cost basically the same as a pair of ‘undershorts’.

Arriving at Burning Man, I slipped on my black pair under my dress and went out for a short walk around the block to see how it went. I didn’t want to commit to going out for the whole day in them, lest I be caught in the thigh-chafing trap.

I ended up exploring the whole neighborhood! Not once did my Bandelettes slip off or not do their job. I did have to adjust them a bit higher or lower to cover the exact areas of chafing, but they were wide enough to protect my problem ares easy peasy.

How do they stay on?

Much like thigh high tights, they have a thin strip of “grippy” (aka silicone) to hold them up. I had my doubts at first that this would work, since I’ve never had much luck with thigh highs. The Bandelettes killed it, though! Both the top and lower parts of the band have the grippy part so it prevents all slippage and they stay in place beautifully.

But what if I start sweating? Won’t they slip off?

Nope. Not really sure what kind of Dwarven silicone technology they are using but I assure you: I have been PLENTY sweaty traveling in Asia and have had no issues of slippage!

Are they wide enough?

I worried about this before my purchase. Since I wasn’t sure exactly how large the problem area was, I had reservations that they would be able to give me full coverage. As with all my other concerns, this was entirely silly to worry about – the gals over at Bandelettes know exactly what they’re doing.

You will need to spend a few minutes practicing walking around the house, adjusting them to be high or low enough, but once you’ve got them on, they sit there and rock out all day!

Are they hot?

Heck yeah these sexy little things…all lacy and pretty peeking out from under my shorts and skirts. Oooh la la!

Black Bandalette peak Anti Thigh Chafing Solution
Black Bandelette peeking.

Oh, you mean warm? No. Not at all. Due to the aforementioned laciness, the Bandelettes are super breathable and never contribute to my body temperature.

Tell me a success story.

I feel I’ve told you my success story here, but I have another one for you. My dear Burner sister, Magina, was attending her first burn. We had great fun exploring the city everyday.

One morning around day three, I’m like “MAGINA! Let’s go!” and she looks sadly at me and says “Girl…I can’t. My thighs are chafing and it’s killing me. I can’t take another step”.

I immediately knew the solution – my extra pair of Bandelettes! I rushed to my tent and came back feeling proud as a peacock. “Here, try these on”. After slipping them on, she took a few steps and her face lit up with a giant smile “OH MY GOSH! Let’s go!”

I let her borrow them for the rest of the week. I can’t imagine being at Burning Man and being held back by stupid thigh chafing. She wore them everyday. At the end of the festival she returned them, thanking me profusely for letting her borrow them. If I didn’t love them so much myself, I would have let her have them (future birthday present idea? July 28th!).

Don’t take just my word for it folks, the Bandelettes are a primo solution for thigh rubbing  – and they make you look good while preventing it.

If you think Bandelettes would be a good solution for you (or a great gift for someone else) and you plan to snag a pair, I would really, really appreciate it if you would order them using this button:

I’ve told you that I’d like to be a travel blogger and make some money, but not in a skeezy way. Bandelettes are a product that I fully believe in and love. I never want to lose your trust by recommending something to you just for the sake of trying to make a dime, that’s gross.

I might Rick-roll you someday though, so look out! LOL

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xoxo <3


  • Reply


    May 5, 2016

    Hey! I want to order some Bandalettes (had BAD chafe on the playa last year) but don’t see the order button that gets you some return…? <3

  • Reply

    Chelsea Hoffman

    May 7, 2016

    I’m using Chrome now and can’t see the button. Strange. Anyway, these look like they’d be perfect for me, if only I could walk lol.

  • Reply


    May 20, 2016

    Ok, so here’s my add to the product review. Bandalettes are great! I ordered one smooth pair and one lace pair, after reading some online reviews that the lace ones seemed to be problematic for some people. I have worn both pairs once (under dresses – I love summer!). I wore the smooth pair while riding a bike: no problems! I wore the lace pair while dancing tango. Also no problems! I found them to be comfortable, not too tight, and they did the job perfectly. How they hold up under frequent bike-riding conditions in Davis remains to be seen, but they are a great addition to my summer wardrobe. 🙂

    • Reply


      May 21, 2016

      Aahh!! So glad you love them!! Thanks for sharing about the smooth pair, I haven’t tried those yet – next time! I bet you rocked those lace ones during Tango yowza!

  • Reply


    August 31, 2016

    So glad to know that these really work!

  • Reply


    August 31, 2016

    This is the first I’ve heard of these! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to heck them out!!

    • Reply


      September 1, 2016

      You’ll love them – they are amazing! Life, and wardrobe, changing! 😉

  • Reply

    Kristin @littlemamajama

    August 31, 2016

    Umm…these look AWESOME. I had no idea such a thing existed. Sweet!

    • Reply


      September 1, 2016

      Right?! They’re so simple yet so amazing! Honestly, I wish I’d thought of the idea!

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