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The Best Of: Thailand

The Best of Thailand

Oh, Thailand, how I miss thee.

Cities visited: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Saen, Random Jungle Roads on a Motorcycle

Thailand will always be special to me unlike any other country can be. It was the first country I visited outside of the US (I’m not counting Canada because it’s like “America lite”- sorry Canada). Landing in Bangkok, Thailand immediately rocked my world.

Out of everywhere I visited, I spent the most time in Thailand. I literally left the day that my entrance stamp expired. The customs officer even commented on it – I told her that I wanted to stay as long as I could! I love Thailand! She smiled.

Thailand and I had a lot of firsts together. I visited my first cat cafe, taught English even though I didn’t have a college degree (and hated it), tried all kinds of interesting foods, took a cooking class, bathed baby elephants, saw more temples than I needed to, took my first sleeping train, rode a motorbike through the jungle, and ate crazy amounts of Pad Thai.

I also sweat my ass off EVERY. DAY….. WORTH IT!

Thailand was the perfect way to enter my travels into Asia, making Thailand one of the best of the best!

Photo viewing recommendations: If you’d like to view the story behind each photo, click on the photos and look through them like a slideshow. The story is in the captions!

I know in my heart that someday I’ll return to Thailand – I would even consider living there. Next time, I’ll appreciate it even more. In contrast to the other countries I visited, the Thai people were the nicest, the food the most delicious, and the fruit the freshest.

In the meantime, I’m trying to live as Asia-like as possible! Even at this moment, I’m wearing my ‘Aladdin’ pants I got from Thailand. Now, off to make some Pad Thai….I don’t care that it’s three in the morning!

I’m so excited to be bringing you the “Best Of:” series. I love looking through these photos, re-living all these experiences, then sharing them with you. Next week, we’ll be seeing the Best Of: Laos!


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Why I didn’t visit the Karen Long Neck villages in Thailand.

I chose not to visit the Karen Long Neck villages in Thailand – or any native village for that matter. Why not?

During my month in Thailand, I noticed that most activities for tourists were things that were ‘awesome photo opportunities’. Admittedly, I gotta say, part of the draw of coming to Thailand was for exactly that – sweet, sweet photos. Bring on that Reddit karma, baby! Visiting native villages, like the long neck villages, is one of the most popular ways to get those photos.

Let’s address two questions:

1 .What is considered an “awesome photo”?

2. At what cost do these photos come?

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My first Cat Cafe: Cat n a Cup

My first cat cafe Cat in a Cup
My first cat cafe

Cat n a Cup, one cool cat cafe.

As is my way, I spent one of the first days in Chiang Rai, Thailand exploring my surroundings and getting a little lost.

Walking down the alley near my hostel, I spotted a beautiful clock tower that was so shiny it drew me in like an insect to a bug light.

Clock tower Chiang Rai Thailand
Clock tower Chaing Rai Thailand

So mesmerized by the tower, I almost didn’t realize that I was standing right next to a shop window that was filled with beady little cat eyes.
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Living in Thailand: My Thai Life

my thai life
my thai life

Living in Thailand is wonderful.

My lifestyle here is both the same and different as it was in the US. I still have to do things like laundry. I still have expenses and worry about money. I still walk a tonnnn like I did in Chicago.

The way I go about accomplishing these things is different, though. For example, I avoid eating hot meals from 12pm-4 pm; instead, I eat fruit or other cooling things. Without the typical 9-5 routine, I can make my own schedule that jives with the culture here.

While there are things that would be more consistent if I were a permanent resident (like grocery shopping), I’ve developed a nice routine that I find myself sticking to – and it might surprise you.
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